Robert Haag, the world\’s first and only Meteorite Man, has been obsessed with space and extraterrestrial visitation (of the meteoritic kind) for more than 40 years.

It all started with his novelty Space Passports, moved on to the first meteorite bought and sold, and from there took him to all corners of the world via land, sea and air. (And sometime, such as when his plane crashed in Baja, or his parasail went down in the middle of the Australian Outback, via both air and land, but not in a happy combination…)

Robert and his sister and brother grew up in Tucson, AZ, back when it was possible to ride your bike from breakfast until last call for supper and no one was worried about you. Tucson was, and still is, a friendly desert city, and the home of the world\’s largest gem, mineral and fossil show. Bob\’s rock hound parents, Al and Bernie Haag, were in on it at the very beginning, back in the early 60s, selling rocks, crystals and, once or twice, a meteorite.

As a young adult, Robert spent a lot of time mining normal earth rocks and camping under the stars. \”When I came out of an underground mine, the stars were so bright, like right THERE, so close, and then here comes one! BOOM. Let\’s go FIND it!\”

After a lifetime of hunting, finding, donating, trading and selling rocks from outer space, Robert has decided to retire to pursue cruise ships, kids, grandkids, dogs, and hanging out with his mother, Bernie, who is still going strong at 97.

His reminder to all: \”The school of rocks rules: know what you\’re looking for, how to identify it, then off you go – adventure and space treasure awaits! Go search and find some!\”

Robert Haag did, and changed the way people look at meteorites forever.

“The Haag Meteorites 2020 collection needs a new home planet. It has outgrown my gravitational pull and needs a new planet to call home. Contact me!”