The Robert Haag Meteorite Collection

I saw my first meteor come in for what I thought was an earth-landing when I was about 8 years old. Man, I walked for miles along the beach looking for that thing, but never found it. Since that one eluded me (it probably never landed in the first place), I spent my life looking  for others, and that search took me all over the world. And I found meteorites all over the world.

Now, after over 40 years of collecting, preserving, donating, trading and selling meteorites, I have finally decided to retire. This catalogue is intended to showcase and offer the best-of-the-best for sale as a collection.

On these pages you will find some of the rarest and most beautiful meteorite specimens on the planet. We hope to find them a home in one of the world’s best museums or plantetariums very soon. If you would like to make an offer for the entire collection, please let me know. Sorry, NOTHING  IS  FOR  SALE  INDIVIDUALLY!

See the Robert Haag 2020 meteorite collection here.

New! 97 Kg Gibeon Starship Iron Meteorite

Photos by Rachel Haag and Robert Haag.