2020 Haag Meteorite Catalog Page 8

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Glorietta, New Mexico, USA 
Pallasite. Find. 5.2 kg.

This beautiful, thumb-printed specimen was found just outside of
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Glorietta, New Mexico, USA
Pallasite. Find. 127 g.

A heart-shaped treasure.

Lamont, Kansas, USA
Mesosiderite. Find. 2,467 g.

A farmer uncovered this in his field and realized it was heavy and unusual.  He sold it to buy an airplane.

Dalgaranga, Australia
Mesosiderite. Find. 640 g.

This old, rusty, heavy rock is full of metallic iron. It was found near the crater and I purchased it at a mineral show in Germany.

Glorietta, New Mexico, USA
Pallasite. Find. 179 g.

I found this myself, up high above the railroad tracks on the east side of the freeway.

Canyon Diablo, Arizona, USA
Nickel-iron meteorite.
Find. 1,504 g.

This 1-A coarse octahedrite from the world-famous Barringer Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona, was found by me, back when I was just a lad. Fun times.

Chinga, Russia.
Ataxite iron meteorite. Find. 1.6 kg.

Chinga contains an amazing 16% nickel and no Widmanstatten pattern. It was found accidentally by a party searching for platinum nuggets. Nice accident, that.

Glorietta, New Mexico, USA.
Pallasite. Find.

This extraordinary button/bowl of iron pallasite is even oriented and shows clear flow lines. I found this myself on a different trip, near the interstate to the west.