2020 Haag Meteorite Catalog Page 7

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Imilac, Chile
Find. 17.6 kg.

This extraordinary find with unbelievable fusion crust is from the high, dry deserts of the Andes and is the main mass. It came complete with its own crater. (I had to leave the crater…)

Marjalahti, Russia
Fall. 1902. 302 g.

The only known pallasite fall in the world. The fall was witnessed by two old  fishermen in a boat. It sparked as it hit nearby rocks and fell in the water. It probably ruined the fishing.

Imilac, Chile.
Find. 195 g.

The polished window shows the olivine and metal interior.

Thiel Mountains, Antarctica
Pallasite. Find. 258 g.

I got this in a trade with the Smithsonian.

Seymchan, Russia
Find. 216 g.

Esquel, Argentina
1007 g. Slice

The most beautiful meteorite ever found.

Springwater, Canada
Find. 966 g.

Found by my friend Robert Ward and acquired in a trade.

Esquel, Argentina and
Gibeon, Namibia. 47 g.

Esquel, Argentina
Trillion cut gemstone 1.12 ct.

This is the world’s largest cut olivine crystal. It was featured on the cover of GIA Magazine.