2020 Haag Meteorite Catalog Page 10

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Gibeon, Namibia
Nickel-iron meteorite
Find. 8 kg.

This highly polished, mirror-like slice, as with all my Gibeon samples, has been cut and polished or worked and etched.

Gibeon, Namibia
150 g.

This beautifully machined and working nut and bolt shows just how versatile  Gibeon is. This meteorite is unique in that it can be melted, welded, magnetized, carries electric current and is extremely strong. Find enough and build a whole spaceship.

Gibeon, Namibia. 303 g.

Gibeon sword with etched, natural blade.

Gibeon, Namibia. 2,525 g.

A stunning, perfect sphere.

Gibeon, Namibia
10 g. ea.

Handmade etched conchos of meteorite metal. Unique.

Gibeon, Namibia
125 and 116 g.

Spectacular Gibeon meteorite made into hot-forged Damascus knives by master knife-maker Tai Goo.

Dronino, Russia
Ataxite iron meteorite.
Find. 2,252 g.

Another very high nickel content piece. These won’t etch at all.

Crystals of Iron, Self-Collected Campo De Cielo, Argentina
Coarse Octahedrite, Etched, 2.3 Kg

Muonionalusta, Sweden.
Nickel-iron meteorite.
Find. 1,485 g.

More than 6 tons of this lovely fine octahedrite were found in the permafrost.